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Available now! Polly, a bug, bat, and human eco-adventure

If you have kids, they're going to love this eco-adventure, Polly, a Bug, Bat, and Human Eco-Adventure.

"Did you know that farmers can use bug armies to protect their crops? Polly, a praying ...mantis, comes from a bug-lab bred to fight on an organic farm. Too scared to fight, she saves a little aphid named Jackson, and becomes a traitor to her mother, the colonel.

They make friends with Emack, a rose-eating, spotted bat, and together, the three go on a journey to find The Garden and live peacefully in The Special Apple Tree. Surprised by a crop-dusting airplane, Emack is knocked out and they fall to the conventional farm below.

In a strange land covered in bug-poison, they meet a girl named Greta who’s battling an illness, have a run-in with mutinous bees, get abducted by mutants, and go on trial for Polly’s life. Will her brave solution give everyone peace, and a chance for long, fruitful lives?"

Where to purchase:

Barnes and Noble

Story Copyright © 2014 Shelby Rebecca. All rights reserved.
Illustrations Copyright © 2014 by Todd Kale. All rights reserved.

Cover Design by Eisley Jacobs at Complete Pixels

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