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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Days and Giveaways!!

Sadie's Mountain is free on Kindle from July 24th through the 26th!

So in honor of the SALE and the release I'm giving away three autographed copies of Sadie's Mountain in print.

The winners so far have been:

Day 1= Janell Troy
Day 2= Diane S.
Day 3= Kimberly M.

Here's how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Other things you can do to help me spread the word, but aren't required to enter the contest are:

  • Share this post or a link to the free book on Facebook and mention @SadiesMountain in your post, OR share on Twitter with #SadiesMountain hashtag and #FREE #Kindle.

Raffelcopter will randomly pick one winner per day to receive the free autographed copy. It's that easy!! Books will be shipped no sooner than August 10th. (Because that's when Amazon says I'll get them!)

Oh! And please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. That is one of the most helpful things you can do for us Indie Authors!!! Thank you and good luck!!

Book Description:

Sadie feels tethered to her past with a link as thick as steel. The only way to be free is to tell her secret. But how can she tell the love of her life that it was his brother who took everything—who changed their lives forever?

At fourteen, feelings were blooming between West Virginia native, Sadie Sparks, and her childhood best friend, Dillon McGraw. During their first real kiss, things went farther than they’d expected, and she ran off to gather her thoughts. As Dillon was going to all their secret places yelling her name, she was being attacked by his older brother, Donnie.

That night one brother saved her life and promised he’d always love her. The other warned her he’d never let her go. There would be consequences if she didn’t follow his rules. Sadie knew she had to leave—and she could never tell. Ten years later she still hasn't.

When Sadie returns to Appalachia, her momma’s dying wish is that she stay and defend their ancient mountain against a violating process called mountaintop coal mining. Despite the danger, she decides she has to protect the mountain from being raped and emptied—just like she was.

When she fights to save the mountain, she really fights for herself, in more ways than one. She wants to give herself permission to love Dillon. And Sadie’s flaws make Dillon love her more. But is their connection deep enough to withstand the truth?  To be free, Sadie knows she has to break the link between her and Donnie—for good.

 Get your free copy today!  And Please review!!!

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