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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Blurb!

I wanted to thank author, Marina Maddix, for helping me re-write my book description for Sadie's Mountain. In fact, she really wrote it and I just tweaked it slightly. I absolutely love it. I think she captured the essence of the story in a way I wasn't able to. Thank you Marina! So here it is:

One fateful night, Sadie Sparks' young life was changed forever. Just as she was discovering love with her best friend, Dillon McGraw, someone else was plotting to take her for his own. Faced with choosing between the fear and threats and a safer life, Sadie leaves her West Virginia home for good.

A decade later, Sadie returns to Appalachia to care for her ailing mother, but stays to fight for the mountain she loves. Her struggles to protect it from being ravaged for coal put her in greater danger than she ever imagined — and back in the arms of the man she never stopped loving. But the man responsible for changing her life so many years ago is determined to keep her under his control. When she decides to break free, will Sadie and Dillon's bond be strong enough to endure the truth about his identity?

What do you think? Much better!

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