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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because you asked for it...

This is a concrete poem. I wrote it while my dad was in the hospital back in 1999. I was at my Aunt Truth's house sitting cross legged on the leather couch with a view of her kitchen with it's many chickens tucked into  nooks and crannies. I was, once again, struck by the beauty of my past. Not everything was "bad" then. That's the irony of the past, it's both good and bad in the most awkward of times. I remember seeing this mountain on trips to Anchorage with Mom and Joe. Depending on the time of year we would either be counting moose or rabbits on our way there. At school, I heard a legend about this mountain and it never left me. What a beautiful thing to see on your way to town.

Here she is:

Thank you to www.zenithair.com for the photo

Here is my poem:


In the Matanuska valley near Anchorage, Alaska, lays a mountain that resembles a woman’s shape. Many legends have been made about how she, who’s true name is Mt. Susitna, came to be… and she is called:

Sleeping Lady Mountain

   sprinkled in
  blue stone for-
ms your shapely
frame-a profile
 seen for eons-
    hair running
        like an
   angry ocean in
       to the touch- while
      you lay- daisies leave
yellow marks on your
    cheeks ,purple-
     your curves
 as a sharp horn-
ed moose travels
 through your bo-
  som, a golden
   brown bear awa-
    kens in your
      navel- until
       the brisk
      white shawl
    shelters you
     again from
    my eyes
    tingle at
   the bright-
     ness of
     your pow-
    der overlay- I
    can’t look away.

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  1. Very beautiful, Shelby. I like how you have imitated the gentle feminine form of the mountain. I think the plants and animals alive on the mountain / woman are very playful, as well your subtle way of taking the mountain through the seasons. I'm glad you posted it.